Duration: 10 days

Group size: 2, max 8

Theme of the tour: cultural

Difficulty of the tour: Average

Meals include: All breakfasts and lunches and one dinner

transportation: A.C  van

Services include: VISA, Tour-guide, Accommodation, All transportation, All entrance fees, All breakfasts, All lunches and one dinne


Day 1 Arrive Tehran

Arrive in Tehran (IKA Airport). You will greet and get assist from our representative. Transfer to your hotel and check-in. Tehran carpet museum is our major plan to realize how Persian people could reach top of carpet weaving in the world from 2500 years ago till nowadays, our experienced guide explanations four corners of Iran and special motifs of each parts of the country, dinner in unique carpet café and restaurant and Return to the hotel, rest and stay overnight


Day 2 To Kashan

In the morning we drive toward one of the most famous cities for carpet in Iran means Kashan, after check in 250 years old hotel we will explore this beautiful city with old texture part such as Tabatabaie house, Brojerdiha house, Amir ahmad historical bathe, then Aqa bozor mosque anf finally old ruffed bazar of Kshan to find pure motifs of Kshan carpet in Kan Amin al-Dowleh Timche, Stay Overnight in Kashan


Day 3 To Naien

After breakfast we will visit Fin garden (UNESCO site as Persian garden) which is one of the most inspiration motifs for carpet weavers, the leave Kashan toward Naien that is another top-quality carpet center in Iran, we will visit women weavers in their houses that hoe they produce pure Naien carpets, then visit Jame mosque with more than 1400 years old and historical texture of the town, driving toward Isfahan, check in the hotel, Dinner, rest and stay at overnight in Isfahan

Day 4 Isfahan

Full day exploring one of the most beautiful cites in Iran famed (Half of the world) which mean the beauty of this city is equal with half of the world, Naqsh_ Jahan square (UNESCO site), Sheihk Ltfollah mosque’s tiled ceiling is one of the most famous carpet motifs in Iran and even central Asia, Ali Qapu Place then Shah mosque is last sightseeing in this historical square. We will realize how Safavid dynasty could changed and improved art particular carpet art in 16 century with encourage people who worked in this industry, getting lost in Carpet workshops around the square, dinner and return to the hotel stay overnight in Isfahan

Day 5 Isfahan

Second full day in Isfahan and visit Jame mosque (UNESCO site), then we will go to Armenian quarter to see Vank cathedral and Armenian museum, in this neighbor we will see Armenian carpets and their special color and motifs in their carpets, after lunch we will visit Chehel soton palace (UNESCO site) as Persian garden then visit two historical bridges with magnificent lighting at night Sio Se pol and Khaju bridge, return to the hotel, rest and sleep overnight

Day 6 To Shiraz

After breakfast leave Isfahan toward Shiraz but on the way, we will visit Pasargadae (UNESCO site) which is tomb of Cyrus the great and his palaces remains a place that word of Paradise comes from there, after lunch we will stop in Iran Naqsh_ Rostam (UNESCO site) to see ancient complex with lots of stone carving related to Sassanid dynasty such as the scene of Shapur’s victory over the Roman Empire, arrive to Shiraz and stay overnight in Shiraz

Day 7 Shiraz

Full day exploring the city which is located in Zagros mountain ranges the territory of Qashqai nomads which means we will see lots of nomadic carpets and rugs in Shiraz, we will start with Karimkhan Arg (citadel) in center of city, after that Vakil complex is next site including old bath, Mosque and ruffed bazar and caravanserai with lots of carpet workshops, Hafiz mausoleum is next visit, dinner and return to the hotel, stay at hotel

Day 8 Around Shiraz

Drive toward Persepolis (UNESCO site) ancient capital of Achaemenid empire which is oldest carpet discovering in the world in Siberia named Pazirik has been made in this period time (500B.C) in Iran, return to shiraz and transfer to airport, flight to Tabriz, check in the hotel, rest and stay overnight in Tabriz

Day 9 Tabriz

After breakfast we will visit one of the cradle carpet weaving in Iran and most important city in Northwest of the country, starting with Azarbaijan museum to better realize Tabriz’s position is Iran. The 500 years old mosque named Blue mosque, finally we will visit most beautiful carpet bazar in Iran named Timche Mozafarie in the heart of historical bazar of Tabriz (UNESCO site), all carpet weavers transfer their products in this part of bazar for selling or export to another countries, after dinner return to the hotel, stay overnight in Tabriz

Day 10 Around Tabriz

In the morning drive to ancient village of Kandovan a rocky architectural oddity and then visiting Azarshahr town a one of the most important focal point carpet in Northwest of Iran to see high quality and unique motif of this beautiful town, back to Tabriz and transfer to the airport and flight to Tehran

Check in the hotel, and end of the tour









_ Tehran carpet museum

_ Carpet café and

 _ Kashan

_Tabatabaie house

_ Brojerdiha house

_ Amir ahmad historical bathe

_  Aqa bozor mosque 

_ Old ruffed bazar of Kashan

_ Amin al-Dowleh Timche


_ Fin garden (UNESCO)

_ Naien 

_ Jame mosque e than

_ Historical texture of Nien

_ Isfahan

_ Naqsh_ Jahan square (UNESCO)

_ Sheihk Ltfollah mosque

_ Ali Qapu Place

_ Shah mosque is last 

_ Jame mosque (UNESCO)

_ Armenian quarter 

_ Vank cathedral

_ Armenian museume

_ Chehel soton palace (UNESCO) 

_ Sio Se pol

_ Khaju bridge

_ Pasargadae (UNESCO) 

_ Naqsh_ Rostam (UNESCO site)

_ Shapur’s stone carving

_ Zagros mountain ranges

_ Karimkhan Arg (citadel)

_Vakil complex

_ Vakilold bath

_ Mosque 

_ Ruffed bazar of Shiraz

_ Moshir caravanserai 

_ Persepolis (UNESCO)

_ Tabriz

_ Azarbaijan museum

_ Blue mosque

_ Tazbriz historical ruffed bazar (UNESCO)

_ Timche Mozafarie Tabriz 

_ Kandovan ancient rocky village

_ Azarshahr local carpet workshops