Duration: 11 days

Group size: 2, max 8

Theme of the tour: cultural

Difficulty of the tour: very low

Meals include: All breakfasts and lunches and one dinner

transportation: A.C  van

Services include: VISA, Tour-guide, Accommodation, All transportation, All entrance fees, All breakfasts, All lunches and one dinner


Day 1: Meet at IKA international airport, transfer to the hotel (45 min), check in, dinner and sleep at overnight

Day 2: After Breakfast we will see one of the most interesting and beautiful museum of Iran named National museum, then we will visit glass and ceramic museum in the same neighbor, after launch we will go to north of the capital for visit Niavaran palace last residental king of Persia in 1970s, at the end of the day we return back to the hotel, rest and sleep at overnight

Day 3: After breakfast drive towards Meybod which can surpirze us with lots od attractions such as Shah Abbasi caravansary, Zilo museum, old post house, pigeon tower and  masterpiece of desert architecture for preserve of ice which is called Yakhchal, then we will see 4000 years old castle named Narin, after lunch we will leave the town toward our magnificent accommodation that is 400 years caravanserai which named Zein Al din, check in, rest and stay at overnight

Day 4: After breakfast we will leave beautiful circle plan caravanserai toward Kerman province for visit wonderful city of Kerman, after check in the hotel we will have walking tour in Ganjali khan complex which is included old bazar, traditional Persian bath and two floor caravanserai, after dinner in traditional restaurant comeback to the hotel, sleep at overnight

Day 5: we will leave the city to beautiful small town named Mahan, then our plan is visit one of the most beautiful Persian gardens in Iran which is called Shazdeh, then visit Shah Nematollah vali mausoleum in the heart of the town, after launch driving to one of the hottest points of the world Lut desert, check in the desert guesthouse with locals, rest and sleep overnight

Day 6: Full day exploring the first natural UNESCO world heritage site of the country with 4*4 vehicles and endless enjoying with natural phenomena such as high sand dunes called Kalot, have lunch in the nature then come back to the guesthouse with enjoying desert night sky, dinner, sleep at over night

Day 7: at early morning we will leave the Lut desert toward rocky village of Meymand which is another UNESCO sites of Iran, locals nearly 10thousand years old inhabited in this village, check in our rocky rooms, light walking in the village, dinner, stay at overnight

Day 8: after breakfast we will exploring the whole attractions of village such as Jame mosque and anthropology museum,


Day 9: leave the Meymand village toward Yazd, after check in half day tour in amazing attractions of city, such as old texture of Yazd with lots of windcatchers, old water reservoir, pahlevani spiritual, etc. stay overnight in Yazd

Day 10: leave our hotel to the Naien to visit one of the oldest mosques of Iran in the town. Then visit carpet weaving workshop, after lunch driving toward Tehran

Day 11: leave the hotel to IKA international airport and end of the trip


. National museum

. Niavaran palace

. Glass and ceramic museum 

. Shah Abbasi caravansary . . Zilo museum

.Old post house

.Pigeon tower and  .Yakhchal (ice house)

. Narin castle

. Zein Al Din caravanserai

. Ganj Ali Khan complex

. Historical Persian bath

. Old Ganj A li Khan caravanserai

. Traditional bazar of Kerman

. Lut desert

. Safari 4*4 in the desert 

. Sirch old Cyprus tree

 . Shazdeh garden

. Shah Nemat Alah mausoleum

. Meymand rocky village

. Jame mosque of Yazd

. Walking tour in Old texture of Yazd

. Pahlevani spirituals performance

. Amir Chakhmaq square

. Old water reservoir

. Jame mosque of Naien

. Carpet weaving workshop