The train will depart from Tehran railway station. (Please be at Tehran Railway Station 45 minutes before the train leaves). Note (Passengers will be notified of the opening times of the entrance gates and boarding the tourist train via in-station displays and indoor speakers.)
After the departure, explanations are given about the trip and breakfast is served inside the train while passing through the Varamin plain area.
• 09:00
Stop at the first travel station. Benkooh station is one of the examples of railway stations with special characteristics of the preparatory stations of the early years of the railway. We stop at this station for about 45 minutes to explore the area with explanations. After boarding the train again, we will pass through the spectacular area of ​​Kabutar Darreh, Siminudasht and Zarrindasht, and the explanations related to this part of the trip will be provided by the tour expert.
• 12:00 p.m.
We get off the train at ten shurabs to hear not only the wonderful combination of industry and nature, but also how to build the Northern Railway and the problems it faces. Then in the small rural market we can buy natural products and foods such as various dishes.
• 14:00
After passing through the most famous structures of the Northern Railway, such as the Three Gold Lines and the Versailles Bridge, we get off the train at Versailles Station to watch the famous view of the bridge and take a souvenir photo.
• 14:10
Have lunch on the train and continue the route to Doab station (Savadkuh).
• 14:50
We will get off at Savadkuh station and while taking a light walk, we will get more acquainted with the railway.
• 18:45
At one of the stations (usually Simindasht station) we return in the evening.
• 21:35
The tourist train arrives at the end of the route, ie Tehran Railway Station.


. Fertile plain of Varamin

. Hableh River

. Old Doab Station

. Savadkuh area

. Hyrcanian forests of northern Iran