Duration: 13 days

Group size: 2, max 8

Theme of the tour: cultural

Difficulty of the tour: very low

Meals include: All breakfasts and lunches and one dinner

transportation: A.C  van

Services include: VISA, Tour-guide, Accommodation, All transportation, All entrance fees, All breakfasts, All lunches and one dinner


Day 1 Arrive to Tehran

 Meet in IKA international airport, transfer to hotel, Tehran city tour depending arrival time, National museum, Golestan palace (UNESCO site), Jewelry museum and old ruffed bazar of Tehran, check in the hotel rest, and sleep at overnight


Day 2 Tehran crossroad of religions

Full day exploring the capital including short walking tour in special street named Si_ e Tir which is famed religions street in downtown of Tehran, we will start with St Armenian church, after that Adrian or Tehran Zoroastrian fire temple is next site, then visiting Glassware and ceramic house which is historical former prime minister, then visit Haim synagogue which is one of the most important places for Jewish community in Tehran, and finally Ibrahim mosque is our last religions walking tour in the same street, return to the hotel, stay overnight in Tehran 

Day 3 To Yazd

Leave the city early morning toward Isfahan, we will stop in Qom which is capital of Islamic studying to visit Masomeh holy shrine that she was sister of imam Reza in Mashhad, after arrive to Nain visit Jame mosque which is located on ancient fire temple, we will drive to Yazd and check in the hotel, take rest and sleep at overnight in Yazd

Day 4 Yazd

After breakfast we will start to explore the capital of Zoroastrian in Iran with tower of silence and main fire temple in their neighbor, Jame mosque and historical texture of Yazd (UNESCO site) is next sightseeing to see another Zoroastrian building overheat, Dowlat abad garden is great sample of Persian garden (UNESCO site), Amir chakhmaq square and Pahlavani rituals is last plan of first day in Yazd


Day 5 Around Yazd

Leave the city toward Chak Chak temple which is the most important Zoroastrian temple in the world, we will realize how the last royal family members disappeared in this region from Arab troops in 1400 years ago, then we will visit Kharanaq village which is ancient Sassanid important city, this place can mesmerize you with good condition remaining from 18 centuries, return to Yazd, take rest and stay at overnight

Day 6 To Isfahan

Leave Yazd toward Isfahan, visiting small town of Cham and meet Zoroastrian villager and beautiful fire temple of village, driving toward Meybod and visit historical part of Meybod such as Narin qaleh, Shah Abasi caravanserai and Ice house. Afternoon arriving to Isfahan, check in the hotel. Stay overnight in Isfahan



Day 7 Isfahan

Full day exploring the beautiful city of Isfahan, we will start with Naqshe_e Jahan square (UNESCO site), Shah mosque, Ali Qapu palace, and Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, getting lost in capital of handcraft in Iran with more that 250 workshops around the square, during visit Jame mosque of Isfahan (UNESCO site) we will realize this huge complex was built on the Zoroastrian fire temple after Arabs attack to Iran, after lunch we will visit Joubareh neighbor in Isfahan which is center of Jewish community such as Mullah Jacob Synagogue that located in the heart of city, Isfahan was center of Jewish in Iran after transfer them by Cyrus the great in 500 B.C,  at the end of the day return to the hotel, rest and sleep at overnight

Day 8: Isfahan

Full day exploring in another religion parts of Isfahan in Armenian quarter or Julfa neighbor to visit this beautiful part of city with lots of churches and Armenian building that they built after moving to Iran by Shah Abbas the great in 16 century from Caucasia, Vank cathedral is located in this place and Armenian museum, then lunch in 250 years old Armenian house, and visiting the historical bridges on Zayanderud river is our next plan, Sio Se pol and Khaju brideg with magnificent lighting at night is remain from Safavid dynasty in Isfahan  

Day 9: Fereydonshahr

After breakfast we will drive toward that located in Zagrose mountain ranges,Fereydun shahr which is center of Georgian people in Iran that moved four hundred years ago from Caucasia to Iran, its amazing cultural combinations of Christian Georgian with Iranian Muslims, leave the return to Isfahan airport to flight to Ahwaz , check in the hotel dinner, rest and stay overnight in Ahwaz

Day 10: Ahwaz

Now in most important city of southwest of Iran the center of Khuzestan province we will meet Mandai people which is minority of religion and we will see their special baptizing in Karun river, return to the hotel and stay at the hotel in Ahwaz

Day 11: To Shushtar

In the morning we will drive toward Shush for visit Susa ancient capital (UNESCO site), museum and De- Morgan castle, then move to less than hour driving and visit the first world heritage site of Iran in UNESCO lists in 1979, fascinating shape of Chogha Zanbil ziggurat which was holy city for Elam kingdom in southwest of Iran, after that our plan is patrol environ specially between two river that irrigate lands of area from prehistory till now and visiting part of Dez national park, then arrive to Shushtar to visit hydraulic systems (UNESCO site)  check in the Shushtar hotel rest and sleep overnight



Day 12To Hamedan

Leave the city toward Hamedan but have stop in Khorramabad to visit Falak Alaflak citadel which date back 1500 years ago Sassanid dynasty, its most important castle in the region located in Zagrose mountain ranges skirt, then arrive to Hamedan, check in the hotel, rest and sleep at overnight

Day 13 Hamedan

After breakfast we will see the beautiful city of Hamedan, Ganj nameh and two ancient tablet with beautiful waterfall is first site then Avicenna mausoleum, (most famous Persian doctor and philosopher), and we will see second most important holy places of Jewish people in the world which is tomb of Esther and Mordekhai, we will realize the surprising story of two of them and Jewish community in Hamedan, driving toward Tehran, check in the hotel and  rest and sleep in the hotel, end of the tour



_ National museum

_ Golestan palace (UNESCO site)

_ Jewelry museum

_ Old ruffed bazar of Tehran

_Tehran religions walking tour 

_St Marry Armenian church

_ Adrian or Tehran Zoroastrian fire temple 

_ Glassware and ceramic house

_ Haim synagogue

_ Ibrahim mosque

_ Qom holy shrine

_ Nain visit Jame mosque 

_Tower of silence 

_Yazd fire temple 

_Zoroastrian neighbor

_ Jame mosque

_Historical texture of Yazd (UNESCO site)

_ Dowlat abad garden (UNESCO site)

_ Amir chakhmaq square

_ Pahlavani rituals

_ Chak Chak temple

_ Kharanaq ancient town

_Kharanaq carvanserai

_Cham Zoroastrian village

_ Meybod historical part

_ Narin qaleh

_ Shah Abasi caravanserai

_ Ice house

_ Pigeon tower

 _ Naqshe_e Jahan square (UNESCO site)

_ Shah mosque

_ Ali Qapu palace

_ Sheikh Lotfollah mosque

_Old bazar of Isfahan

_ Jame mosque of Isfahan (UNESCO site)

_ Joubareh neighbor 

_ Mullah Jacob Synagogue  

_ Isfahan Armenian quarter 

_Vank cathedral 

_ Hovanes historical house

_ Sio Se pol

_ Khaju brideg  

_Zayanderoud river

_ Zagrose mountain ranges

_ Fereydun Georgian community

_ Mandai people

_ Karun river

_Susa ancient capital (UNESCO site)

_ Susa museum

_ De- Morgan

_ Chogha Zanbil ziggurat 

_ Dez national park, then 

_ Shushtar ancient hydraulic systems (UNESCO site) 

_ Falak Alaflak citadel skirt,

_ Hamedan Ganj nameh 

_ Avicenna mausoleum, (most famous Persian doctor and philosopher)

_ Jewish community of Hamedan

_ Esther and Mordekhai