Duration: 19  days

Group size: 2, max 8

Theme of the tour: cultural and photography

Difficulty of the tour: very low

Meals include: All breakfasts and lunches and one dinner

transportation: A.C  van

Services include: VISA, Tour-guide, Accommodation, All transportation, All entrance fees, All breakfasts, All lunches and all dinners


Day 1 Arrive Tehran

Arrive in Tehran (IKA Airport). You will greet and get assist from our representative. Transfer to your hotel and check-in. The remainder of the day can be your city tour or free to relax after the flight.

 Day 2 Full Day Visiting Tehran

Full day Tehran city tour include National Museum, Old Bazar, Golestan Palace and Jewel Museum. At the evening we will visit Sa’ad Abad palace and Tajrish Bazaar. Stay overnight in Tehran.

 Day 3Drive to Sari

In the morning drive to Mazandaran province which is located in north of Iran, at first we will visit one of the greenest points of Hyrcanian forests (UNESCO ) is remained from last ice age 10000 years ago, our plan is photography in beech forests which is place to contrast with other places of the country, driving toward Sari, check in the hotel stay overnight in Sari

 Day 4 Caspian sea

Early morning we drive to Miankaleh international wetland in Caspian sea, on the way we will visit a beautiful lake in the heart of forest named Abbasabad lake, after visit flock of flamingos  in the Miankaleh.we will comeback to Sari. Stay Overnight in Sari.

Day 5 Drive to Damghan

 Drive toward Badabsort natural springs which is one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon of Iran, the road goes fron Kiasar natinal park is habitat of Persian leopard and brown bear, leave the area to visit Cheshme Ali historical garden in north of Damghan, in the city we will visit oldetst mosque of Iran which is named Tarikhaneh its built on the Zoroastrian fire temple after Arabs attack to Persia then visit old texture of Damghan, stay overnight at the hotel

Day 6 To Central Desert of Iran

Early morning  we will driving toward the central desert of Iran via unique road that goes from heart of desert, after take pictures of salt domes we will see magnificent castle of Jandaq after that we will go to Mesr village touch local culture and take picture of their green farms which is located next to the sand dunes ,Stay overnight at the local guesthouse in Farahzad oasis

Day 7 Oasis and Salt flat

After breakfast a light desert trekking and camelback riding is our plan, after lunch we will leave the oasis to the Khur salt flat to take picture of wonderful sunset from polygons shape of salt flat in the middle of nowhere, driving to Garmeh village stay at overnight in the cozy and warm local guesthouse with traditional live music in it, stay over night in the Garmeh village

 Day 8 To the Yazd

After breakfast we have village walking tour to the date trees and amazing natural spring in the heart of the rocks, leave the village to Bayazeh historical castle then Kharanaq ancient village to see old texture of Kharanaq, after that visiting of Chak Chak is next site which is most important of Zoroastrians temple in the world, arriving to Yazd stay over night in land of windcatchers

 Day 9 Full day Yazd

Full day Yazd city tour including Fire Temple and Zoroastrians’ tower of silence, Dowlat Abad garden which is one of the world heritages sites in Iran with the tallest wind catcher in the world, Jaame-Musque and old texture of Yazd. After lunch we visit Alexander Prison and Zoorkhaneh (Persian traditional GYM) and Amir Chakhmagh Mosque then we visit water museum as the last visit of the day. Stay overnight at Yazd.Day 10 To Shiraz

Early in the morning drive to Shiraz and visit the Abarkuh Cyprus tree which is the oldest tree in Iran with 4500 years old on the way.

Then visit Pasargadae (Cyrus the Great Tomb who established the biggest empire in Iran in 2500 years ago). After lunch visit Persepolis and Naqsh e Rostam (UNESCO sites). Drive to Shiraz and stay overnight.

Day 11 Full day Shiraz

Charming city of Shiraz and hospitality of these people with special tour including: Bazaar-e-Vakil, Karim Khan Arg Complex, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Eram Garden (One of the 9 gardens in Iran designated by UNESCO as the Persian Garden), Narenjestan Garden, Mausoleum of poets Hafez & Saadi and Shah-e-Cheraq. Overnight at Shiraz.

Day 12 To Khuzestan

In the morning, After 2 hours driving we will rich to ancient capital of Persia in Sasanid dynasty which is another UNESCO site of Iran named Bishapur also we will visit goddess of water temple Anahita and then several huge rock reliefs to show us Roman empire defeat by king of Persia Shapur, after lunch leave Kazeron county toward Ahvaz, visit of natural phenomenon of Tashkou which is burning mountain, arrive to Ahvaz, dinner and stay overnight.

Day 13 North of Khuzestan

We have chance to see attractive minority of religion Mandaue people in Ahvaz with particular baptizing of them in holy river of Karon, (depends on the season) ,driving to north to visit three UNESCO site in the same day, at first ancient capital of Achaemenid and Demorgan castle in Shush, then we will visit Choghazanbil which is most famous ziggurat in southwest of Iran which is very close to Mezopotamia civilization, take some picture Dez national park with special flora of the region. And finally visit Shushtar hydraulic system that is date back 2500 years ago made by innovative Persian engineers, dinner and stay overnight in Shushtar 

Day 14 To Izeh

After breakfast we leave Shushtar toward Izeh which is moderate weather compare to other part of Khuzestan province cause of its location in foothill of Zagrose mountain range and habitat of one of most famous nomad tribes of Iran named Bakhtiari, visit ancient rock reliefs and unique old tomb stones of Bakhtiari people which is lion statue, stay overnight in Bakhtiri home stay with local food

Day 15 to Isfahan

Today we will see pure nature of zagorse in the this region specially Dehdez protected area landscape and Karon 3 dam lake, after lunch in oak forests of Zagrose , we will see beautiful lake of Choghakhor and flock of migrant birds, Zamankhan old brige and Chaleshtor castle are our next sites then arriving to Isfahan, stay overnight at the hotel

Day 16 Isfahan

Mesmerizing city of Isfahan with dozens spectacular sites including Chehelsotun palace (40 pillars), Hasht Behesht (8 paradises), Naghshe Jahan or Emam Square, another Iran Cultural Heritage designated by UNESCO (Ali Qapu Palace, Imam Mosque Sheikh-Lotfollah Mosque, Bazaar) and Jame mosque. Stay Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 17 Isfahan

 Si-o-Se Pol and Khajoo bridge, minareti oscillanti (Minar Jonban), Vank Cathedral and Armenian quarter and music museum. Stay overnight in Isfahan.

Day 18 Drive to Kashan

In the morning drive to Natanz to visit Zoroastrian fire temple and Jame mosque this green town then visit Abyaneh fascinating village and its red thatch houses. Then drive to Kashan, Stay overnight and take rest in Kashan

Day 19 Half day Kashan tour

visiting magnificent architectures such as Boroujerdi & Tabatabaeis’ Houses, water reservoir, Agha Bozorg mosque, Soltan Amirahmad bath-house and Fin Garden which is beautiful representative of Persian garden, after lunch leave the city toward Tehran , check in the hotel, last dinner and stay at overnight

Depart Tehran

Drive to IKA Airport.

We hope you have experienced a lifetime memorable trip, hope to meet you again. Have a wonderful flight to home.



. National Museum

. Old Bazar of Tehran

. Golestan Palace

. Jewel Museum

. Sa’ad Abad palace

. Tajrish Bazaar

. Hyrcanian forests (UNESCO ) 

. Beech forests 

. Miankaleh international wetland

. Caspian sea

. Badabsort natural springs 

. Cheshme Ali historical garden 

. Tarikhaneh mosque

. Old texture of Damghan

. Central desert of Iran

. Castle of Jandaq 

. Mesr village 

. Farahzad oasis

. Camelback ridind

. Trekking in sand dunes

. Safari to untouched parts of central desert of Iran

. Khur salt flat

. Bayazeh historical castle

. Kharanaq ancient

. Chak Chak Zoroastrian temple

. Fire Temple of Yazd

. Zoroastrians’ tower of silence

. Dowlat Abad garden (UNESCO)

. Jaame-Musque

.Old texture of Yazd

. Alexander Prison

. Zoorkhaneh ritual (Persian traditional GYM)

. Amir Chakhmagh Mosque

. Abarkuh Cyprus tree 

. Pasargadae (Cyrus the Great Tomb) UNESCO

. Persepolis (UNESCO)

. Naqsh e Rostam (UNESCO)

. Bazaar-e-Vakil

. Karim Khan Arg Complex

. Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque (pink mosque)

. Eram Garden

. Narenjestan Garden

. Mausoleum of poets Hafez & Saadi

. Shah-e-Cheraq holy shrine

. Bishapur ancient city (UNESCO)

. Anahita temple

. Tahkouh burning mountain

. Karun river in Ahvaz

. Mandaue people

. Shush ancient city (UNESCO)

. Demorgan cstle

. Choghazanbil zigurat (UNESCO)

. Shushtar ancient hydraulic system (UNESCO)

. Kul farah historical reliefs 

. Oak forest of Zgros mountain ranges

. Bakhtirain nomad tribes

. Old lion statute in Bakhtiari teritories

. Dehdez protected area

. Karon 3 dame lake

. Choghakhor lake

. Claleshtor castle

. Zamankhan historical bridge

. Chehelsotun palace (40 pillars)

. Hasht Behesht (8 paradises)

. Naghshe Jahan or Emam Square (UNESCO)

. Ali Qapu Palace

. Shah Mosque

. Sheikh-Lotfollah Mosque

. Old Bazaar of Isfahan

. Jame mosque (UNESCO)

. Si-o-Se Pol old bridge

. Khajoo bridge

. minareti oscillanti (Minar Jonban)

. Vank Cathedral and Armenian quarter

. Music museum

. Natanz Zoroastrian fire temple remains

. Jame mosque

. Abyaneh village and its red thatch houses

. Boroujerdi house

. Tabatabaeis’ Houses

. Water reservoir

. Agha Bozorg mosque

. Soltan Amirahmad bath-house

. Old ruffed bazar of Kashan

. Fin Garden