Tehran Nightlife

Tehran, the capital of Iran, the capital of Tehran province with a population of more than 10 million, is the 24th most populous city in the world and the most populous city in West Asia. The metropolis of Tehran is the third most populous metropolis in the Middle East after Istanbul and Cairo.

In terms of natural roughness, Tehran is divided into two plains and the foothills of the Alborz, and its current range extends from an altitude of 900 to 1800 meters above sea level. Tehran has a semi-arid climate. In most years, winter provides half of the total annual rainfall in Tehran and summer is the rainiest season in Tehran.

Tehran is a city with a variety of ethnic groups, but its foreign population is small. As the largest Persian-speaking city in the world, the majority of the people of Tehran are Persians, and most of the people in this city are officially Muslims and Shiites of the Twelve Imams. Other religious communities in Tehran include Baha’is, Zoroastrians, Christians, and Jews.

The history of life in Tehran dates back to the Neolithic period, and archaeological excavations in Tehran have led to the discovery of 7,000-year-old human skeletons and stone tools. In the early seventh century, with the destruction of the city of Rey and the migration of its people to Tehran, the knowledge of trade, construction and citizenship of the people of Rey was transferred to Tehran and caused its development. During the Safavid period, the importance of Tehran increased a lot, but the source of prosperity and development of this city goes back to its capital. Agham Mohammad Khan Qajar, the founder of the Qajar dynasty, who had finally succeeded in doing so after many attempts to capture Tehran, declared Tehran the capital on Nowruz in 1795, after years of war with the Zand dynasty and claimants to the kingdom. The transformation of Tehran from an ordinary city into a modern capital began in the Pahlavi era. During the Pahlavi era, state affairs were concentrated in the capital and the number of government employees in the city increased rapidly; During this period, the city of Tehran, in addition to two political and commercial duties, also accepted administrative duties. With the 1979 Revolution and the beginning of the Iran-Iraq War, there was no development in Tehran for nearly a decade, and after the end of this period, the development of the Iranian capital continued and Tehran became the center of population acceptance in Iran.


Darband is one of the neighborhoods of Tehran, one of the old villages of Shemiran, north of Tajrish Square. Darband neighborhood is one of the cool and touristic areas of Tehran. According to opinion polls, Darband is the first option for Tehran citizens to receive foreign and city guests. The best time to visit and walk is from sunset to midnight and you have a lot of options with a large number of different restaurants. Karbab is one of the most popular dishes that Iranians love. Many young people come to Darband to eat, drink tea and smoke hookah. In addition, this area is the beginning of the climb to the peak of the resort with a height of 4000 meters.


The three-story nature bridge in the Abbasabad area of ​​Tehran is a pedestrian bridge that connects the two main parks in the capital. With its unique structure, this bridge has won numerous international awards, such as the 2016 Aga Khan Architecture Award, and has been repeatedly mentioned. Nature Bridge is mentioned as the largest non-automobile bridge in the Middle East and the first non-automobile bridge in Iran.
First floor: On the first floor of the Nature Bridge, there are spaces for walking around so that you can enjoy the delicious taste of Persian and French food in the green environment and spectacular view of this area along with your tour. Nature Nature Food Court is located on the east side of the bridge and includes several coffee shops, Persian restaurants and fast food that has a capacity for about 300 people. Its walls are covered with glass.
Second floor: This floor, which covers an area of ​​about 2870 square meters, has a cozy atmosphere and thanks to the benches that have been placed in different parts of it, you can get a little tired and make the most of the peace and all this beauty.
Third floor: If you go to the third floor of the Nature Bridge, the extraordinary view of Tehran, especially at sunset, will take your mind away. This floor is the best place for a bridge for walking; Especially the beautiful view of Alborz mountains and Tochal peak are well


Bam Land is also one of the best places in Tehran for night walks in Tehran. Bamland in the east of the Persian Gulf Lake with an area of ​​65,000 square meters of commercial and recreational space includes a set of 12 restaurants, in 3 types with an average area of ​​550 meters on two floors, which are connected by porticos and tourist units. Eat.

The roof space of these porches will form terraces for the upper floors of the restaurants, which have a wonderful view of the lake. Also, the space under the roof of the land is designed as a recreational space with three themes: city of culture, city of health and city of music, so that it can respond to many users.

The lake is a very suitable place for walking during the day and especially at sunset, which takes about 40 minutes to complete a full circle around the lake. Also due to the presence of prominent commercial brands and restaurants and special coffee shops with international standards. Food is considered as the most professional entertainment and tourism center in Tehran. The coastal areas of the Persian Gulf Lake are one of the most significant and largest complexes of amusement parks in the country, which are visited by nearly 60,000 people daily.


Your next choice for a night out in Tehran could be Ferdows Garden. In the northern part of Valiasr Street, not far from Tajrish Square, and right where the beautiful sycamore trees bow their heads, there is an old garden and mansion that dates back to the Qajar era and is about 200 years old, where walking is one of the common pastimes. People, especially in the nights of Tehran. Although only the southern mansion stands, it is also the Museum of Iranian Cinema, still with its magnificent night lighting, which attracts many people.

The area of ​​this garden is 20,000 square meters and the area of ​​its mansion is 1,000 square meters. The length of the mansion of this garden is 34 meters and its width is about 26 meters and it consists of three complete floors and one half floor. Ferdows Garden Yard on the nights of any season you visit; It is a good place for night walks and night entertainment in Tehran. There are a number of cafes, galleries and cinemas in Ferdows Garden that are good options for entertainment. Also, if you come to the entrance of Ferdows Garden towards Valiasr, there are a number of good restaurants for dinner.


All over the world, some streets are known as the symbol of cities, and in Tehran, Si Tir Street can play this role well. Adrian, the synagogue of Haim and the old Russian embassy with historical events in its heart is one of the unique places in Tehran that has become very popular in recent years due to the countless street food. This street is located next to the old buildings in the texture of old Tehran. 30 Tir is one of the first places to gather a number of street food in Tehran. The price of the food is satisfactory in terms of its quality, and if you go to Si Tir Street for a night out in Tehran, and we can say this is Tehran wlaking street, do not miss the small stall for tea, which has natural and delicious drinks