1_Iran is known for having one of the oldest human civilizations in the world, one of the oldest of these civilizations belongs to the burnt city in southeastern Iran dates back to 3000 BC and also one of the most glorious ones called the Achaemenids in 530 BC

2_The original name of this ancient land is Persia, which was changed to Iran in 1934 by Reza Shah Pahlavi, meaning the land of the Aryans but it is still known as Persia too.

3_ Iran has the largest number of capitals in history. This country has had about sixty capitals for nearly three thousand years, and the last of them was chosen by the Qajar dynasty about two hundred years ago to this day as Tehran. Tehran is actually a small village with a pleasant climate in the southern part of the region. Alborz mountain was located and was full of orchards and sycamore trees, and its historical name was Chenarestan, which means a place full of sycamore trees.

4_ Iranian carpets not only as a national art but also as a symbol for this land have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years and for this reason, world carpet weaving masterpieces are produced and produced from Iran, in the corners of the country, men and women and even Children are proud to weave carpets in their area and present their history and culture with each knot. The oldest woven carpet in Iran called Pazyryk is now kept in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, which belongs to two thousand five hundred years ago and today. Iranian carpets adorn many important places in the world

5_ Iran is home to the world’s last Asian cheetahs, which are extinct in about thirteen countries. This valuable species lives in the Central Desert of Iran in Kavir National Park and Turan National Park and its population is thought to be less than fifty.

6_ Iran is the third largest producer of natural gas in the world after the United States and Russia, and also has the fourth largest oil reserves in the world, and it also has the ability to produce oil and gas in the Caspian Sea in the north of the country.

7_ Due to its location in the arid region, water shortages have always been a priority for its inhabitants throughout the history of this country, and this limitation has led to amazing innovations for the supply of drinking water, such as the groundwater transmission system known as the aqueduct. Mountains move to cities, IRA is also the first country in the world to invent refrigerators and natural air conditioning

8_ Iran has a unique and very rare and historical collection of royal jewelry in the world, which has been collected by hundreds of different kings of Iran for hundreds of years and is now on display in the National Jewelry Museum of Iran. History goes back. Today, these jewels are known as a part of Iranian culture and history and like other elements of cultural cognition such as architecture, customs, dance and art, an element for recognizing Iranian culture in different eras such as Safavid Golden Age, Nader Shah dynasty.
Qajar and Pahlavi are also counted.

9_ The Persian cat is one of the oldest, most famous and best cat breeds in the world and today they are kept as a luxury pet.
The Persian cat is one of the cultural symbols of Iran among the world, but it is less known among the contemporary people of Iran, but it is one of the best cats for keeping about 400 years ago.
The salient features of Persian cats are their long hair, round face and short nose, and there is a bit of pride in their behavior, and in English-speaking countries it is known as the “Persian Longhair”.

10_ Iran is a land of poetry, dozens of poets have kept the culture and history of this country against foreigners and enemies for centuries, and Iranians are always familiar with poetry; Poets such as Khayyam, Hafez, Rumi, Saadi and Nezami or Roudaki are just a part of this precious treasure and in a few houses one can not find the books of these poets, maybe Shiraz can be called the capital of poetry and the world of poetry

11_ Iran can be called the first country to invent the system of sending postal letters in the world. Letters could be transported by new horses in seven days with the help of new horses through the royal road from Pasargadae to the Achaemenid capital to the Sardis region in the westernmost part of present-day Turkey. Breathe and this has been an unprecedented record in its time

12_ Due to its special geographical location, Iran is the producer of the most and highest quality products such as saffron, caviar, pistachios and rose water in the world.
Saffron is produced and sold in the east and northeast, caviar in the south of the Caspian Sea, as well as pistachios in cities such as Kerman and Damghan and the most fragrant rose in the world in Kashan.

13_ In the past centuries, Iran has introduced many famous scientists to the world, including Abu Ali Sina, Farabi, Zakaria Razi, the discoverer of alcohol, as well as writers such as Hakim Omar Khayyam, who a thousand years ago was able to create the most accurate calendar in the world that is still used today

14_ Satellite and alcohol are banned, but many people use them, and about $ 800 million a year is spent on alcohol smuggling.

15_ According to the location and latitude of Iran, which is located between 25 and 40 degrees, as well as the difference in altitude of 6,000 meters and the existence of very different climates such as desert, mountains, sea and forest, Iran can be called a country of four complete seasons. It has its own unique features and it is very remarkable that this country is one of the few countries in the world that you can swim on the shores of the Persian Gulf in one day and ski in the foothills of Alborz mountains in the afternoon of the same day.

16_ Iran is one of the few countries in the world whose cultural sphere is three times wider than its political borders, from Kashgar in northeastern China to Tirana in Albania in southeastern Europe, and one of the best examples is the celebration of Nowruz in 13 different countries. With the arrival of the first day of spring, which is close to 2500 years, it is celebrated