The deserts of Iran are very unique in terms of landscapes and natural attractions, and if you see the hospitality of the people of the desert in this trip, we will experience one of the most memorable travels of life, night sky, dunes, pleasant sunsets. And spending the night by the fire is only part of the journey

Duration: 16 days

Group size: 2, max 8

Theme of the tour: cultural, Nature based

Difficulty of the tour: Medium

Meals include: All breakfasts and lunches and one dinner

transportation: A.C  van

Services include: VISA, Tour-guide, Accommodation, All transportation, All entrance fees, All breakfasts, All lunches and one dinner


Day 1: Meet at the meeting point at 5am, leave Tehran towards city of Aran va Bidgol to visit caravanserai Maranjab in one of the most beautiful part of Iran central desert. In the evening arrive at historical city of Kashan, overnight stay at Kashan

Day 2: After Breakfast drive towords historical city of Naein (visit town). Arrive in city of Anarak at about evening time, overnight stay at caravanserai Anarak.

Day 3: After breakfast drive towards Mesr villige, arrive at Farahzad oasis, after lunch explore the village as well as camelback riding or optional trekking in the heart of Iran central desert, overnight stay at Farahzad oasis.

Day 4: After breakfast few hours of desert off roading to visit different part of the region, back in Farahzad oasis then after lunch leave the oasis towards historical village of Bayazeh to visit the castle as well as the old town, watching the unforgettable sunset in biggest salt lake of Iran (Khur salt lake) at the end of day arrive at historical oasis of Garmeh, overnight stay at Ateshooni guesthouse.

Day 5: After breakfast leave Garmeh  toward Chak chak temple which is most important temple of Zoroastrian of the world, after launch in fourhoundred years old caravansray we will see most attractive site of Meybod such as historical castle (Narin Qaleh), traditional ice house, peigeon tower, arrive to Yazd and check in the hotel, rest sleep and stay at overnight

Day 6: full day exploring the Yzad, including Fire Temple and Zoroastrians’ tower of silence, Dowlat Abad garden which is one of the world heritage sites in Iran with the tallest wind catcher in the world, Jaame-Musque and old texture of Yazd. After lunch we visit Alexander Prison and Zoorkhaneh (Persian traditional GYM) and Amir Chakhmagh Mosque then we visit water museum as the last visit of the day. Stay overnight at Yazd.

Day 7: levae the city exploring beautiful Yazd county town as Saryazd and its wonderful desert oasis architecture, then we will see one the most stunning  iranian inventions in desert lands mean Qanat in Mehriz which is one of the iran world heritage sites, after launch we arrive to Zeinodin caravansary rest, dinner and stay at overnight

Day8: leave the caravansary toward Kerman, after launch we will visit Ganja li khan historical complex included traditional bath, mosque and ruffed bazar, then we will arrive to small beautiful town Mahan , check in the hotel, rest dinner and sleep at overnight

Day 9: leave the hotel toward Shahdad but in advance visit the old Cyprus tree named Sirch, then exploring the first natural area which is have been enrolled  in Iran world heritage site and enjoy magnificent landscapes of Lut desert, we will eat our launches in herat of the desert, return to Mahan, rest and sleep overnight

Day 10: after breakfast visit the Rayen castel and Shazdeh garden which is valuable instance of Persian garden, then we will see Shah nematollah vali shrine, after launch we will drive toward Meymansd the complex of handmade settlement of Iran in UNESCO site, its unforgettable accommodation that we will have during this trip, dinner and sleep at overnight

Day 11: walking around the village and its marvelous architecture, after launch we leave Meymand cave village toward Marvdasht to visit most glories historical site of Iran, Pesrspolis, arrive to  shiraz , check in the hotel, sleep at over night

Day 12: full day exploring the city, including: Bazaar-e-Vakil, Karim Khan Arg Complex, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Eram Garden (One of the 9 gardens in Iran designated by UNESCO as the Persian Garden), Narenjestan Garden, Mausoleum of poets Hafez & Saadi and Shah-e-Cheraq. Overnight at Shiraz.

Day 13: Morning we leave Shiraz heading to Isfahan. We will visit archeological site of Necropolis (Naghsh-e-Rostam) which is tomb of several Achemenid kingdom in heart the rock holy mountain, and Naghsh-e-Rajab, the we will arrive to Pasargadae a tomb of Cyrus the great a person who established most powerful empire of Iran 500 B.C which is one of  Iran and UNESCO World Heritage Site.. then drive to Isfahan and stay overnight.

Day 14: Isfahan city tour including: Chehelsotun (40 pillars) , Hasht Behesht (8 paradises), Naghshe Jahan or Emam Square, another Iran Cultural Heritage designated by UNESCO (Ali Qapu Palace, Imam Mosque , Sheikh-Lotfollah Mosque, Bazaar) and Jame mosque. Stay Overnight in

Day 15: In the morning drive to Abyaneh fascinating village and its red thatch houses. Then drive to Tehran, Stay overnight and take rest.

Day 16: full day exploring capital of Iran ,Golestan palace, national museum of Iran and bazar of Tehran , then transfer to IKA international airport and flight back



. Daryache Namak ( Salt flat)

. Maranjab Caravanserai

. Sand dunes of Maranjab

. Jame mosque of Naein

. Old texture of Naein

. Anarak historical caravanserai

. Mesr villige

. Farahzad oasis

. Camelback riding in Central desert of Iran

. Safari in untouched part of the region

. Khur salt flat

. Bayazeh old castle

. Garmeh walking tour

. Kharanaq old city

. Chak Chak Zoroastrian temple ( most important Zoroastrian temple of the world)

. Meybod Shah Abbasi caravanserai

. Yakhchal ( ice house)

. Narin qaleh

. Pigeon tower

. Yazd Fire Temple and Zoroastrians’ tower of silence

. Dowlat Abad garden  the . Jaame-Musque and old texture of Yazd

. Alexander Prison 

. Zoorkhaneh (Persian traditional GYM)

. Amir Chakhmagh Mosque

. Water museum

. Saryazd ancient castle

. Mehriz Qanat

 . Zein Al din caravanserai

. Ganj ali khan historical complex

. Traditional Persian bath

. Old bazar of Kerman

. Cyprus tree of Sirch

. Lut desert ( UNESCO site)

. Rayen castle

. Shazdeh Garden

. Shah Nematolah Vali mauselium

. Meymand ancient rocky village (UNESCO site)

. Persepolis (UNESCO site)

. Shiraz city tour

. Bazaar-e-Vakil

. Karim Khan Arg

. Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque

. Eram Garden (One of the 9 gardens in Iran designated by UNESCO as the Persian Garden)

. Narenjestan Garden

. Mausoleum of poets Hafez & Saadi

. Shah-e-Cheraq holy shrine

. Naqsh e Rostam ( UNESCO site)

. Pasargade ( tomb of Cyrus the great)

. Isfahan city tour

. Chehelsotun (40 pillars)

. Hasht Behesht palace(8 paradises)

. Naghshe Jahan Square (UNESCO site)

. Ali Qapu Palace

. Shah Mosque

. Sheikh-Lotfollah Mosque

. Old Bazaar of Isfahan

. Jame mosque (UNESCO site)

. Abyaneh village

. Fin garden

. Golestan Palace (UNESCO site)