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Duration: 16 days

Group size: 2, max 8

Theme of the tour: cultural

Difficulty of the tour: very low

Meals include: All breakfasts and lunches and one dinner

transportation: A.C  van

Services include: VISA, Tour-guide, Accommodation, All transportation, All entrance fees, All breakfasts, All lunches and one dinner


Day 1 Arrive Shiraz

Arrive in Shiraz international airport, transfer to the hotel and check in, rest and welcoming dinner and stay at overnight


Day 2 Exploring of Shiraz

After breakfast our plan will be start in magnificent Shiraz city, with, Karimkhan castle,

Vakil complex included traditional bath, mosque and ruffed bazar, after launch in oriental atmosphere teahouse with delicious Iranian foods we continue our sightseeing tour to visit one of the most beautiful mosque of Iran named Nasiralmol, then we will see Narengestan garden which is good example of Shiraz gardens with nice building, at the end of our exploring we will visit Hafez mausoleum that is most famous poet of Iran literature, return to the hotel, rest and sleep overnight

Day 3 Persepolis and Pasargadae

Leave the city toward two glories world heritage sites, after one hour half driving we will reach to Pasargadae which is tomb of Cyrus the great a person who stablishd biggest Persian empire about 2500 years ago, then we will see ancient achaemenid capital named Perspolis with eye-catching architecture, after launch our plan is Necropolis included several achaemenid  king tombs in heart of rock mountain, comeback to the hotel, rest and sleep overnight

 Day 4 Shiraz to west

After breakfast check out the hotel , driving to Kazeron and visit the most beautiful city of Sassanid empire named Bishapour which is nominated world heritage site, then confront with Qashqaie nomads and knowing more about their life in this area, driving toward Yasouj and stay at overnight in the hotel

 Day 5 Yasuj/ Izeh

After breakfast leave the city toward Izeh in Kuzestan province, in advance we can touch unique nature of Zagrose mountain ranges on the road also we can find oldest civilization phenomenon in this part of Iran,  we will see a fabulous Elemite reliefs that oldest empire of Iran, check in the hotel rest and sleep overnight

Day 6 Shushtar Historical Hydraulic Systems

Leave the city toward Shushtar and visit wonderful  Historical Hydraulic Systems in down town next Karon river (biggest river of Iran), after launch in historical restaurant, check in the hotel rest and visiting tomb of Yaqub Leis a person who survived Persian language after arabs attack in seventh century, check in the hotel and stay at overnight


Day 7 Tchogha Zanbi, Susa

In the morning leave to hotel less than hour driving and visit the first world heritage site of Iran in UNESCO lists in 1979, fascinating shape of ziggurat which was holy city for Elam kingdom in southwest of Iran, after that our plan is patrol environ specially between two river that irrigate lands of area from prehistory till now and visiting part of Dez national park , then driving to Susa which was summer capital of Achaemenid dynasty, visit the complex include Susa ancient capital, museum and De- Morgan castle, return to the hotel rest and sleep overnight

Day 8 falak-ol-aflak castle

After breakfast leave the city to Lurestan province and visit falak-ol-aflak castle with gigantic structure was built during the Sassanid era (226–651), we can enjoy to watch anthropology of Lur nomads in this castle, back to the downtown and see popular natural pool in downtown of Khurram abad city, check in the hotel and rest and sleep at overnight

Day 9 Kermanshah

Leave the city toward Bisoton complex is located along the ancient trade route linking the Iranian high plateau with Mesopotamia from prehistoric and visit the Darius the great rock relief and Safavid caravansary, then we will go to Kermanshah city and check in the hotel, rest and visit Taq_e Bostan representative of  Sassanid royal power with unbelievable details in the Zagros mountains, comeback to the hotel, rest and sleep at overnight

Day 10 Takab

Leave Kermanshah early morning toward Takab world heritage site which is a ancient phenomenon with outstanding universal value  one of the best instance Sassanid sanctuary is located in Zanjan province, after launch we leave this complex toward Zanjan rest and sleep in the hotel

Day 11 Zanjan

Leave the city for visit Soltanieh world heritage site which is biggest brick dome around the world was built in 1302  the tomb of the eighth Ilkhanid ruler is the main feature remaining from the ancient city, then we will see Rakht shoy khaneh museum in Zanjan and traditional bazar of the city, rest and stay over night at the hotel

Day 12 Ardabil

Driving toward Ardabil, which city Safavied dynasty established a big empire, most important site of our trip is Sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble in Ardabil, this world heritage site exactly located in downtown with amazing decoration that was inspiring of safavied to make most glories capital in Esfahan, after launch check in the hotel rest and sleep overnight

Day 13 Jolfa

Levae the city to Jolfa which is located in Aras river bank side nearest Azerbaijan border, we will see beautiful caravansary and after that Armenian monastery in North West of Iran, we won’t miss fantastic architecture of the church with extraordinary landscape is waiting us, return to the hotel, rest and sleep overnight

Day 14 Tabriz

After breakfast driving toward Qarahzyayedin to visit St Thaddeus monastery which is most important church of Iran for all Armenian people around the world, this world heritage site famed Qara kelisa means black church in this area, then we continue to  Tabriz, check in the hotel, rest and seep at overnight

Day 15 Tbariz

Full day exploring the most famous city in North West of Iran such as ruffed bazar which is the biggest one around the world, this magnificent bazar have been divided by so many different subjects, included herbs, cloth, jewelry, and most attractive section by carpet and nomadic rugs

After launch we will see stunning Kaboud mosque then comeback to the hotel and rest

Day 16 Tehran

After breakfast leave the hotel to Tabriz airport for domestic flight to Tehran, transfer to the hotel, rest and exploring the historical Golestan palace with national museum of Iran, transfer to IKA international airport and flight back








. Shiraz city tour

. Karimkhan Arg (Historical fortress)

. Vakil complex

. Historical bath of Vakil

. Ruffed old bazar

. Moshir caravanserai

. Vakil mosque

. Nasir al moll mosq ( Pink mosque)

. Ghavam garden

.Perspolis (UNESCO site)

. Naqshe Rostam (UNESCO site)

. Pasargade ( tomb of Cyrus the great) ( UNESCO site)

. Bishapor ( capital of Sassanid ) ( UNESCO site)

. Qashqaie nomads 

. Kul Farah stone carving ( Elamite 3000 years ago)

. Bakhtiari nomads

. Shushtar hydraulic systems ( UNESCO site)

. Choghzanbil ziggurat ( UNESCO site)

. Shush ancient Achaemenid capital (UNESCO site)

. Demorgan castle

. Dez National park

. Falak ol aflak castle 

. Qio park Khoramabad

. Bisotun ancient area ( UNESCO site)

. Tagh e Bostan ( Sassanid stone carving)

. Takht e Soleyman ( Zoroastrian temple) ( UNESCO site)

. Rakhtshoykhaneh museum in Zanjan

. Soltanieh dome ( UNESCO site)

. Sheikh Safi Aldin shrine in Ardebil ( UNESCO site)

. Saint Stepanus church ( UNESCO site)

. Ghara Kelisa church, Saint Thaddeus ( UNESCO site)

. Ruffed bazar of Tabriz ( UNESCO site)

. Golestan palace of Tehran ( UNESCO site)