This historical road is almost two thousand years old and many commercial works such as caravanserais and paving stones of the past can still be heard today. The sound of silk and spice caravans can be heard today.

Duration: 12 days

Group size: 2, max 8

Theme of the tour: cultural, Natural, Adventure

Difficulty of the tour: very low

Meals include: All breakfasts and lunches and one dinner

transportation: A.C  van

Services include: VISA, Tour-guide, Accommodation, All transportation, All entrance fees, All breakfasts, All lunches and one dinner12


Day 1 (Enter from Border of Turkey)

This tour starts from border of Armenia, Bazargan. We heading East to visit Saint Thaddeus Church then arriving to Tabriz city and stay during the night.

Day 2 (Tabriz)

Morning we will drive to Tabriz and visit Goyjebel caravanserai and then visit Tabriz historical sites such as Tabriz Roofed Bazaar, Kabood Mosque and El-Goli (El-Golu) comlex. Stay overnight in Tabriz.

 Day 3 (Kandovan)

Early morning we drive to foothills of Sahand Mountain and visit amazing cave houses there. Stay overnight in cave-houses and breath mountain weather .

Day 4 (Zanjan)

 Drive to Zanjan, visit Sangi caravanserai and having lunch there. Then we visit Rakhtshooy kahneh edifice and after that heading to Qazvin and visit Gonbad Soltanieh world heritage site which is the largest brick dome in the world. Stay overnight in Qazvin.

Day 5 (Full day in Qazvin)

Full day Qazvin city tour including Chehel sotoon Palace, Sa’d al-Saltaneh complex containing caravanserai and old Bazaar. Then we go for visit water reservoir, Shahzadeh Hossein Holly Shrine and Cantor Church the smallest church of Iran. Stay overnight in Qazvin.

Day 6 (Drive to Tehran)

Morning drive to Tehran and visit Sa’dabad Palace complex. See Tehran night life in Darnand and stay overnight in Tehran.

Day 7 (Full day in Tehran)

Full day Tehran city tour include National Museum, Old Bazar, Golestan Palace and Jewel Museum. stay overnight in Tehran.

Day 8 (Continue on Silk Road)

Morning heading to south to visit Deyr-Gachin caravanserai which is the mother of caravanserai’s and then drive to Paadeh old village and visit its salt mine. Then we drive to Dehnamak caravanserai and stay there overnight and listen to 1001 nights tale.

Day 9 (Bastam and beginning of Sufism)

We continue to east on historic Silk Road to arrive Damghan. After visiting Tarikhneh which is the oldest mosque of Iran, we drive to Shahroud and Bastam town. In Bastam you will understand how Sufism starts and who was Bayazid Bastami. Stay overnight in Bastam.

Day 10 (Neyshabur and Khyyam)

Morning we still continue on Silk Road and you will see Miandasht the largest caravanserai of Iran. You can see three different periods of caravanserais from 2500 years ago. Then drive to Neyshabur and stay overnight.

Day 11 (Holly Mashhad )

In the morning drive to Mashhad. Visit Imam Reza shrine the most famous tomb in Iran. In the afternoon we drive to Toos and visit the tomb of Ferdowsi the most important persian poets who lives 1000 years ago. Stay overnight in Mashhad.

Day 12 (Drive to Sarakhs)

In the morning we drive to north-east and visit Ribat-i Sharaf caravansary and its unique architecture. Then drive to Sarakhs which is the border of Iran and Turkmenistan and last point of Iran Silk Road Journey.


• Saint Thaddeus world heritage site

• Yaam historical caravansary

• Historical Ruffed Bazar of Tabriz

• Old Goyjebel Caravansary 

• Kandovan village ( Rocky Architectural Oddity)

• Soltanieh Dome ( world heritage site)

• Rakhtshoy khane Edifice and Museum

• Sangi caravansary

• Chehel soton palace of Qazvin

• Saad Al Saltaneh caravansary complex ( largest one in the world) 

• Full day Tehran city tour 

• Deyr Gachin caravansary (mother of caravansary in iran)

.Dehnamak old caravanserai 

• Paddeh old village

• Salt mine of Paddeh

. Tarikhane mosque (oldest mosque in Iran)

• Bayazid Bastami shrine (the first beginning of Sufism in Iran)

• Miandasht caravansary complex

• Omar Khayyam mausoleum

• Imam Reza shrine

• Ribat ashraf caravansary