12 Days exploring of the history and hospitality, best time to getting lost in mesmerizing of Iran

Duration: 12 days

Group size: 2, max 8

Theme of the tour: cultural

Difficulty of the tour: very low

Meals include: All breakfasts and lunches and one dinner

transportation: A.C  van

Services include: VISA, Tour-guide, Accommodation, All transportation, All entrance fees, All breakfasts, All lunches and one dinner12


Day 1 : Meet in Tehran first thing in the morning, leave Tehran toward

Isfahan province by vehicle, arrive in Kashan, check in the traditional hotel and rest, visiting  some attraction of the city about 2 hours, return back to the hotel ,dinner, sleep.


Day 2 : After breakfast leave the hotel and full day exploring the the old texture included mosque, bazar, historical houses and etc. Back to the hotel rest, dinner, sleep.


Day 3: After breakfast leave Kashan by vehicle toward Naien and visiting jame mosque of Naien and traditional cloak workshop with old Rigareh watermill masterpiece of desert architecture, eat lunch and arriving to Yazd at the evening, check in the hotel and visiting some attraction of the downtown such as jame mosque of Yazd, back in the hotel, rest, dinner, sleep


Day 4: After breakfast leave the hotel and full day exploring wonders of in historical city of Yazd such as walking tour in historical old texture of the city which is nominated by world heritage site, comeback to the hotel rest, dinner, sleep overnight.

Day 5: After breakfast leave Yazd towards Shiraz , stop on the road and visiting the old city of Abarkouh and one of the oldest trees around the world, transfer to magnificent world heritage site of Cyrus the great tomb, visiting this complex and eat lunch in traditional restaurant of area, after arriving to Shiraz check in the hotel, dinner, rest and sleep overnight

Day 6 : After breakfast leave the hotel and full day exploring the city such as Vakil complex include historical bath, mosque and bazar , eat lunch in the old  teahouse and walking tour of the city and comeback to the hotel, rest, dinner, sleep.

Day 7 : After breakfast leave the city toward glories Perspolis site, visiting the ancient complex, after eat launch visiting the Necropolis world heritage site, then comingback to  Shiraz and  rest, dinner and sleep overnight


Day 8 : After breakfast leave city of Shiraz toward Isfahan, check in the hotel, visiting some attraction such as walking the riverside and historical bridges on the Zayandeheroud river and enjoy the nightlife of the city, comeback to the hotel, rest, dinner, sleep


Day 9: full day exploring the city such as Naqshe- jahan square. Jame mosque, traditional bazar, chehel soton palace and shopping souvenir around the square,  Back in hotel, rest, dinner, sleep

Day 10 : After breakfast levae the city toward Tehran  and visiting the ancient village of Abyaneh, eat lunch, transfer to capital of Iran, check in the hotel, rest, dinner, sleep


Day 11: After breakfast leave the hotel, exploring the city such as Golestan palace, national museum, ruffed bazar, and enjoying the night life in Aboatash park, comeback to the hotel, rest, dinner, sleep.

Day 12: transfer to IKA international airport and return by flight




• Bazar_vakil

• Karim khan arg ( citadel)

• Hafez mausoleum

• Eram Garden

• Saadi mausoleum

• Vakil mosque

• Shapori house

• Shah cheragh shrine

• Nasir_ Al Mulk mosque

• Quran gate

• Moshir Caravanserai

• Vakil traditional bath

• perspolis complex

• Naqsh_ e rostam 

• Pasargade complex

• Sarve_ Abarqu tree

• Jame mosque of Yazd

• Amir chakhmaq complex

• Zurkhane rituals visiting

• Dowlat abad Garden

• Walking tour in historicla texture

• Tower of silence

• Zorastrian fire temple

• Naqshe_ e Jahan square

• Ali qapu palace

• Shah Mosque

• Sheikh_ Lotfollah Mosque

• Vank Cathedral 

• Jame_ Mosque

• Siose pol historical Bridge

• Chehel soton Palace

• Hasht Behesht garden

• Historical Texture of Kashan

• Tabatabaie house

•Old bazar of Kashan

•Fin garden